Individual Motivation and Values Analysis

The Basis for Better Personnel Decisions

A wrong personnel decision can get expensive - and troublesome. For both the company and the applicant. MiWay® has been developed to provide personnel managers and applicants with a basis to determine whether they really suit each other.

Indeed, MiWay® accesses many dimensions which would otherwise remain concealed - or would reveal themselves later in everyday work: the individual motivations and values, in short: the true work preferences. What motivates the applicant really? Where does he find fulfillment and purpose? Which basic values or principles does he have? Does he, with his attitude, fit into the team or the company? Is the job really commensurate with his wishes? Has he chosen the right way?

The aim of MiWay® is to determine and exploit the actual potentials of an employee by providing him with the optimum professional position. In addition, the employee's motivation is enhanced as his career is being supported in a sustained way.

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MiWay® Features
  • Motivation and Values Analysis
  • Optimum Applicant Management
  • Web-Based
  • Multiple Choice
  • Individual Score/Team Score
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